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The Lido


The Lido at Sand Valley Coming 2023

Restoring A Masterpiece - The Lido

By Brian Weis

Sand Valley announced the restoring of a master piece at Sand Valley.

The Lido - C.B. Macdonald's long lost gem - will be restored in the sand dunes of central Wisconsin.

The Lido Golf Club - designed by C.B. Macdonald - was formed on the shores of Long Island in 1914. It was touted by many historians as one of the greatest golf courses ever created. Sadly, the course was demolished by the U.S. Navy during World War II. Ever since it disappeared, the promise of The Lido has intrigued many as one of the great lost wonders of the golf world. We are excited to announce that The Lido will soon be brought back to life by the Keiser brothers and renowned architect, Tom Doak.

What you need to know - Frequently Asked Questions!

What is The Lido?
The Lido Golf Club was designed by C.B. Macdonald on the shores of Long Island in 1914. It was considered by many golf historians as one of the greatest golf courses ever created, before it was demolished by the U.S. Navy during World War II. Michael and Chris Keiser are committed to restoring The Lido course to its original form on a site in central Wisconsin.

Who is the Architect?
As mentioned above, The Lido was originally designed by C.B. Macdonald in 1914. The restoration architect is Tom Doak.

Who will be restoring The Lido?
Michael and Chris Keiser have hired Tom Doak and Renaissance Golf to restore The Lido back to its original form.

Has the par and course yardage been determined?
Par 72, approximately 6,582 yards.

When will The Lido open?
The Lido is tentatively scheduled to open in 2023 at Sand Valley Golf Resort.

Will you have preview play opportunities?
Yes. The exact timing of preview play will be determined later. Please sign up to receive updates on the project and news about the opening date.

Is The Lido accessible to the public or resort guests?
The Lido course will be available to Sand Valley resort guests.

Where is The Lido located?
The site for The Lido is located on 850 acres adjacent to Sand Valley.

Can I book tee times for The Lido now?
Tee times are not available at this time. Please sign up to receive updates on the project and news about the opening date.

How are you able to restore The Lido to its original form?
Peter Flory, a competitive hickory golfer with an appreciation for lost golf courses, has done extensive research on The Lido and assembled the most comprehensive collection of historical information and photos. He has graciously shared his research with Tom Doak, Michael, and Chris Keiser to support the project.

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