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Teri Martin: Cotton Queen

By John Ehle

Teri Martin is definitely not about titles so when asked what she preferred to be called when she was handed the reins to her father Rick's clothing company she was uncharacteristically stumped. "Designer is just fine", she said. She is, however, running Rick Martin Golf and her mission is to continue to create and offer the high end, high quality golf clothing that her dad has produced for a very long time.

Cotton has been the staple upon which Rick Martin built his clothing company and Teri Martin has chosen to continue to use the elegant fabrics which her dad employed. "King Cotton", as Rick Martin is known to his followers, has championed the cause of the fabric for years so Teri Martin's allegiance is part of her DNA. There is more than a mouthful to be said for how cotton feels next to one's skin and Teri Martin is a passionate subscriber to the sensory/sensuous experience of cotton on skin. Agreed.

The Martin palette is as understated as the fabrics are elegant. Greens called "vine"and "bottle" are mixed to look spectacular with khaki shorts and slacks, betraying the Martin taste for traditional, rich color combinations. I acquired a grey long-sleeved cotton shirt which looks so good with a blue or black blazer that I hesitate to wear it on any but the most special occasion.

Moving to the top tier of the collection, one finds sweaters made from baby alpaca which is gathered and woven in Peru; produced by hand so meticulously that production is limited to one/day. The warmth which this material retains evidences the conditions in which Peruvians live and which attracts us to this exotic product. The understated elegance of an alpaca sweater carries the import which iconic clothing provides for a line which is designed to catch the eye and tactile sensitivity of the most discerning of customers.

Teri Martin is passionate about the Martin Golf line and you will be too as soon as you put yourself in the lap of luxury by donning her clothing.

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